"Singularity" - Compilation CD


A project organized with the help of Mitchell Gruich of Merit Badge. The Awareness Program Presents "Singularity." This compilation of independent artist of the Gulf Coast region was pressed in the early 2000s. A small portion of the original pressing are available here. Be sure to check out this punk rock time capsule.

CD - 18 Songs

01. NCSeventeen - Benedict Arnold
02. Hatchback - Connecticut Connections
03. Fireworks Over London - Conversations With You There
04. Taken From You - Don't You Ever Promise Me The World
05. K.F.P. - The Edgey End Of Slow
06. Tulips For Marie - Buttons & Marbles
07. Downplay - Keep Your Fingers Crossed
08. Out Of My League - Never This Cold
09. The Kenmores - Making Eye Contact With Strangers Is Difficult
10. One Reason - Sometimes We Bleed
11. The Volatiles - Dead Earth
12. Anne Lida - Torpid
13. Victim Of Modern Age - Last Night
14. Estereo - I Never Wanted To Be A Piano Bench So Bad
15. Secret Annexe - After Glow
16. Claymore - Days Like These
17. Heroes For Sale - Again
18. Never Cry Wolf - It's All In The Ending